Naramata Renovation


Our client wanted a large renovation to their house. We are proud of how the house turned out and our client is very happy with our work, and all sub trades that were involved!

Naramata Renovation2019-06-25T15:19:47-07:00

Naramata Guest House Renovation


Our client wanted to do an extensive renovation of a guest house on their property. It turned out great, their guests will enjoy the house and the lovely view that Naramata offers!

Naramata Guest House Renovation2019-06-24T11:10:05-07:00

Blacksage Renovation


Our client purchased this vineyard house property and wanted an extensive renovation. Construction began in December of 2016. The house was gutted and transformed into a new house inside and out. The stunning orchard and vineyard view never gets old!

Blacksage Renovation2019-06-24T11:10:44-07:00
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